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Your 1 month old baby

1 month

Your little one is already 1 month old!

If you are breastfeeding, this can be a challenging month for you. Here are some tips for easing into this new ritual: 

  • Feed them frequently, in small amounts. A newborn is not very hungry the first two or three days.
  • Learn to recognize "ready to feed" signals, including lip smacking, tongue movement, and eye fluttering. Crying is a late signal for hunger.
  • Talk softly to your baby during feedings to help them recognize your voice and associate it with nourishment.

In their first month, your baby sees best within 12 inches of his face. They are staring a lot, and like bold shapes and high-contrast objects, such as a black and white bull's-eye. They love looking at faces, especially your expressions, and might imitate them right away.

They generally like sounds that change, such as your voice or music, but might react negatively to loud sounds. Their hearing is well developed, but they will not yet look for the source of the sound. When startled by a noise, they might cry, stiffen their body and legs, or thrust their arms outward and pull them back to their chest.

Their early reflexes are very basic. Grasping lets them reach for rattles or your fingers, but not hold on to them. Yawning gets lots of air in their little lungs. Rooting helps them open their mouth and find the nipple for feeding. Pulling back signals pain or injury. Sneezing clears the nasal passages. Turning their head to one side helps open their airway if their breathing is blocked.

Make photos with your cute baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her current development and your feelings.

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