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Your 3 month old baby

Your 3 month old baby

3 months

By month three, your newborn will probably begin developing a personality all their own. They also might be reaching for objects, smiling spontaneously, and turning in the direction of your voice. Now might be a good time to familiarize them with new toys, textures, and people.

Your 3-month-old is working on strengthening their hand muscles, and in five to six months, they should be able to pick up toys. To help them along, put a rattle in their hand and gently tug on the big end. This can also help them strengthen their muscles.

You shouldn’t be concerned if your baby does something later or earlier than your friend's children. In general, by the end of their third month, here are some developments you can start looking for: 

  • The ability to hold their head up steadily
  • "Coo" and "goo" noises as well as other sounds
  • Interest in reaching for familiar objects
  • Focuses on closely held objects and follows them from side to side

Make photos with your cute baby, upload to the App. Write about his/her current development.

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