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Your baby's development

Your baby's development

6 months

Having been attracted by big movements and bold colours for months, your baby will probably now be noticing the tiniest details – your earrings, the flowers on your shirt, the nose on their teddy bear – staring at them for seconds at a time and even trying to reach out and grasp them with their fists (more delicate finger movements come a bit later).

Babies of this age are fascinated by touching different textures – feeling running water through their fingers, scrunching up a ball of paper, running their hands along blades of grass. Stimulating their sense of touch is great practice for weaning when they are trying differently textured foods and will also help their curiosity and attention span. Collect some items of different textures – a silky scarf, a square of fine sandpaper, a velvety toy and a hard wooden block – and encourage them to feel each one in turn.

Stranger anxiety is normal for this age. Many become clingy and anxious around people and may cry if anyone but you come near. It helps to encourage a bit of socializing – perhaps not cocktail parties yet, but play dates and baby groups get them used to meeting new people.

Make photos of your playing baby, upload to the App. Write briefly about his/her current development.

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