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Your baby's room

1 month

When your baby arrives, you will be the center of their universe. And that universe will be largely centered around the nursery.

You and your baby are both going to spend a lot of time in the nursery, especially when you first bring your baby home, so it's important to make it a calm, comfortable place for both of you. The nursery should be a peaceful place, designed for ease of use and comfort. Arrange the furniture and items in a way you think makes the most sense logically, but realize that you may need to rearrange things a little once you figure out what works best.

Still, there are some tips to help you to start:

  • Pick a room that tends to have the warmest warmth in the house, yet is slightly away from all other action from nearby passer-bys, yet still is close enough to the parents that they can get to the child within a few seconds.
  • Clear the room of any toys and furniture that may pre-exist in the room. If the room contains a closet or any tucked-away space, clear those areas away completely too. Clothing should come out of all closet spaces the proposed nursery will hold, and all alley-ways should be free of other un-necessary items.
  • Prepare the room in wall-to-wall carpeting. Although nothing comes close to complete vigilance over your child, if your child can hurt themselves on the floor, carpeting (and it's underlayment) gives the floor a little more padding, and a little less possibility of your baby becoming critically hurt.
  • Vacuum the floor. This will pick up any dust or dirt that may have accumulated while assembling the pieces.
  • Prepare the changing table's stacking area with the necessary diapers, and ointments, and an extra pacifier in an un-seen area that couldn't be visible to the child.
  • Hang a baby monitor in a highly untouchable and out-of-the-way location inside the room, where it can easily be recording the baby's sounds clearly.
  • Stock all necessary items on hand, including any second-sets of necessary items.

Try not to combine your newborn babies room with any 2-4 year old toddler's room. They can be very noisy and can easily awaken the child. However, 5-year olds can help awaken you (with a small amount of special instinctive training) in alerting you to the times when the baby awakens.

Bath items should not be placed inside the baby's nursery/sleeping area. When they become wet, they can create a dewy atmosphere, which may spur allergens and household mold to the babies room - a bad combination to create one sick baby!

Make photos of your baby's room, upload to the App. Write briefly how you've arranged the space.

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