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Your baby’s senses

Your baby’s senses

5 months

By five months old your baby’s sight is developing to the point where they can now recognize a wide range of objects including smaller objects and objects that are moving. Their perception of how objects exist even when they can’t be seen hasn’t fully developed yet, but soon they will be able to understand that when they put an object down and can’t see it, it’s still there and will be when they return.

There’s a good reason babies of this age are constantly putting things in their mouths - because a baby's mouth has more nerve endings than any other part of their body, so it’s a perfect way to find out what something feels like. This makes washing toys occasionally a good idea, especially after other kids have been round.

Your baby will start to add new sounds to their repertoire – a growl here, a squeak or a gurgle there. A perennial favorite is blowing raspberries, which often prove so hilariously popular to babies they won’t stop practicing. You may also find they’re repeating sounds as they start to explore and enjoy their new found abilities!

Make cute photos with the little one, upload to the app. Write about his/her current development.

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