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Whole wheat bread for breastfeeding Moms

Whole wheat bread for breastfeeding Moms

1 month

A breastfeeding woman burns about 650 calories each day producing the milk necessary to feed an infant – usually about 24 ounces each day. The extra caloric requirements to produce this milk means that a breastfeeding woman should eat about 500 calories more each day than her normal. The extra 150 calories will come from the fat stores that you produced during pregnancy – this should help you lose some of the weight you gained during pregnancy. A healthy breastfeeding diet will provide the nutrition you and your baby need.

Your healthcare provider no doubt talked about folic acid during your pregnancy and its importance in preventing neural tube defects. Once the baby is born, your baby still needs this important nutrient – and you need it for your own health! Fortified whole wheat bread is full of folic acid and the iron and fiber you need to keep your body healthy while you are breastfeeding.

Make photos of Mom eating the whole wheat bread, upload to the App. Write whether you and your family like it.

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